Uses For Old Bathtubs Outside

Uses For Old Bathtubs Outside. This clawfoot tub was spotted at a local salvage store for $100. Ending today at 6:06pm pst.

Backyard Bathtubs for Soaking Up the Great Outdoors from

Remove the bathtub as a single piece for adding dramatic centerpieces to your yard landscaping. Use a bathroom cleanser and an abrasive sponge to first clean the entire surface, as any dirt can interfere with your paint job. Clawfoot tubs are a classic addition to any bathroom.

Mild Detergent, Warm Water And A Stiff Scrub Brush Take Care Of Any Dirt And Grime On The Outside Of The Tub.

If you want to cut the bathroom tub, you can use pieces for unusual and interesting yard decorations also. A plumber was tasked to install a hot water bibb on the side of the house, while concealing the hose that connects to the tub. This swing made from a salvaged door makes us swoon.

Clawfoot Tubs Are A Classic Addition To Any Bathroom.

Drainage plays a key role in the goal of gardening success. To lie back and soak surrounded by trees and birdsong, or the sound of the sea, or wild and rugged views is both slightly strange yet incredibly relaxing. When we think of the 1800’s and the pioneers we often imagine the round wooden tub, by day used for laundry by saturday night, use to wash the dirt off the family.

You Can Drill Holes Into The Bottoms Of Galvanized Metal Tubs To Provide The Necessary Drainage.

There are several types of bathtubs. It's exactly what it sounds like—a bathtub in your backyard. Traditionally made of cast iron, the appeal of a clawfoot tub comes from its historical lineage, and its versatility.

Used At Spas And Luxury Hotels Around The World, You Can Create This Relaxing Outdoor Soak In The Comfort Of Your Own Backyard.

For additional drainage in a vintage tub, purchase a bag or two of lava rock or drainage rock. This is a fair vision but it is not the only vision. Something else that you can do with a bathtub that was taken out in one piece is to use it as a place to garden.

Down Is Useful For Many Things.

This is why used clawfoot tubs are such a good investment. Still others choose to use the tubs to grow flowers. At night, a repurposed vintage lye soap box is used for ambient lighting.


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