Ideas To Decorate The Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas To Decorate The Top Of Kitchen Cabinets. When you’re decorating above kitchen cabinets with high ceilings you typically don’t have to worry too much about lighting because the open space will feel bright. Decorating above your kitchen cabinets is a great way to showcase favorite items and keep the supplies you need within reach.

10 Ways to Decorate Above Your Kitchen from

Here are some amazing creative ideas to make the space above the kitchen cabinet useful and visually appealing. Mostly, ironstone pieces and vintage baskets that play well with multiple styles. Use canisters to conceal clutter.

Install A Wine Cellar Above Cabinets To Get Extra Storage.

Use the top of your upper cabinets as a jumping point for floating shelves. To decorate the tops of our kitchen cabinets i gathered materials i’ve loved and have been collecting for a while now. Mostly, ironstone pieces and vintage baskets that play well with multiple styles.

Use Canisters To Conceal Clutter.

The majority of these ideas are rental friendly and easy to complete in a day. And so, the addition of decorative elements above the kitchen cabinet needs to subtle and aesthetic. This is a classic move, and for good reason:

Keeping Decor Objects Similar In Style And Color Help Create A Simpler And More Impactful Visual When Decorating Above Cabinets.

The kitchen soffit or the “above kitchen cabinet” area is a huge waste of space. See more at lark & linen. I hope this helps you decide how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets.

Decorating Above Your Kitchen Cabinets Is A Great Way To Showcase Favorite Items And Keep The Supplies You Need Within Reach.

See more ideas about top of cabinets, cabinet decor, decorating above kitchen cabinets. The bulkhead looks dull, is unreachable, and looks like a huge dark blot in the kitchen. There's even an example from martha stewart herself!

You Want To Make Sure, Though, That The Objects Are Large Enough To See Once Up High;

If you want to learn more ideas about adding storage to the underutilized ends of all the cabinets, then check out below 20 solutions: Designer natalie myers uses this technique here in a timeless midcentury design. The narrow display area above these cabinets was actually created by the addition of beautiful molding.


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