Lovely Patio Fireplace Ideas To Enhance Your Cozy Outdoor Seating 48
Lovely Patio Fireplace Ideas To Enhance Your Cozy Outdoor Seating 48

50 Lovely Patio Fireplace Ideas to Enhance Your Cozy Outdoor Seating

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As winter winds down, everyone’s going to want to go outside. It won’t be long now even though many of you got pelted with snow just a few short days ago. Now is the time to start planning on building your patio fireplace.

Even though fireplaces are traditionally built inside the home, it is the wonderful invention of a few pioneers who decided to take the fireplace outside. Just like the ambiance the fireplace brings to the inside of your home, they can also bring that great experience to your outside moments as well. But, you have to do it right. Otherwise, you’re just building a grill.

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It’s just like enjoying a campfire after a long day of hiking. People love to sit around the camp fire and talk, enjoy drinks and tell stories while the crackling of fire fills the air in the background. The atmosphere would be the same. The only problem is that you have so many options from which to choose.

One patio fireplace I recently helped build, and by recently I mean before the snow hit us all so hard, was an entire patio area fireplace. The fireplace stood about eight feet tall and had a grill on the other side. But, what was most extravagant was the roof that extended from the top of the fireplace and covered about twelve feet of patio space. The roof was eight feet wide and held up by beautiful brick columns. When the patio furniture was put in place, it became the most popular place to hang around the home. That is until the snow hit. But, it will be the most popular place to hang again.