Affordable Container Gardens Ideas For Spring Season 38
Affordable Container Gardens Ideas For Spring Season 38

49 Affordable Container Gardens Ideas For Spring Season

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Seasoned gardeners have learned to accept that plants have life spans and growth seasons. This is true for outdoor gardens, especially those that see winter’s snow. Few garden plants survive the winter frost, and gardeners have to plant again in the spring, or revive the roots of plants that can sometimes come back.

One way you can save yourself the trouble that many gardeners go through is to practice container gardening for all seasons. This will assure you that you have your plants all year round, and that you don’t have to go through the hassles of replanting in the spring.

If you’re serious about container gardening for the entire year, you may want to invest in some grow lamps. These special lamps emit the kind of light and heat that plants need from the sun. If you have a basement with a lot of space, you can set up your container garden and grow lamps in this area. Just make sure that you have a window down there that you can keep open or slightly ajar so that the air in the room can change or circulate. Winter air can be bad for some plants though, so be careful with keeping the window open all the time.

If grow lamps are too expensive, just keep your plants in warm or slightly humid rooms, and make sure the get a good amount of sunlight everyday. During the winter months, give them as much sunlight as possible. Container gardening for all seasons means having your plants all the time, despite the snow and cold. A truly useful plant to keep around would be an herb plant because this means you can enjoy fresh herbs throughout the winter.