Cool Bathroom Sink Ideas That You Have To Copy 47
Cool Bathroom Sink Ideas That You Have To Copy 47

48 Cool Bathroom Sink Ideas That You Have To Copy

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Often times, when a bathroom renovation is planned the last thing the average homeowner thinks about is the sink. There are the tiles to consider, the tub and shower, the walls, the lighting. Sometimes the sink can get left behind. And this is too bad considering what an impact your bathroom sink can have on the whole renovation.

Obviously, there are many choices when it comes to a bathroom sink, and many factors to consider. Aside from your budget and overall design, the size of the bathroom and storage element must also come into play. Here are a few bathroom sink ideas to consider:

Classic Vanity – This is the old standard. Sink on top of a vanity. It can be created to suit your style, and it does offer storage, but it can definitely take up space if you have a smaller bathroom.

Pedestal Sink – This sink is very classy and elegant looking. Absolutely no storage, but a great space saver and great to look at.
Wall Mounted – This type of sink can give a really interesting effect in your bathroom because it almost looks as if it is floating out of the wall. Often times there will be a small box constructed underneath, hiding any pipes for a nice, crisp look. Again, great for space, not so much for storage.