Favorite Scandinavian Fireplaces That You'll Want To Curl Up Next To 35
Favorite Scandinavian Fireplaces That You'll Want To Curl Up Next To 35

45 Favorite Scandinavian Fireplaces That You’ll Want to Curl Up Next To

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Astone fireplace design your pioneer ancestors would envy is the “Multifunctional Fireplace.” The hearth is built up high to create a storage area under it to store firewood. Add a fireplace crane and you can cook a pot of hearty soup to warm your soul. The firewood stays dry under the hearth and makes it easy to feed the fire throughout the evening. The hearth is the perfect height to set out bowls for that pot of hot soup.

Join the green revolution by creating your fireplace with salvaged materials. Search for barn or old house beams for your mantel. Collect repurposed stone from an old field fence. Hit the rummage sales for an antique hearth railing or screen. You’ll create a fireplace that looks right out of Hogwarts Castle. You can almost picture a snowy owl perched on the mantel, and you will have constructed a stone fireplace design to last for centuries.

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A floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace makes a tall statement, especially with vaulted ceilings. Consider building your fireplace flanked by tall windows on each side. The fireplace will be the focal point of the room. River rock stacked to the ceiling is quite impressive. However, not everyone wants a “country” stone fireplace. If your style choice is contemporary you can build a low profile, unimposing fireplace with concrete blocks. Your fireplace can go right in front of glass windowpanes and instead of a brick chimney you can install a steel chimney pipe. The steel pipe can be exposed to add to the industrial look.

For a historic Scandinavian ambiance, choose a soapstone surround for your stone fireplace design. Soapstone holds the heat. That means when the fire dies out and the last of the embers are gone, the heat in the soapstone will continue to warm the room. Now that’s a smart choice. Soapstone surrounds can be purchased in both rustic and more modern, sleek designs. For a formal dining room choose a limestone facade and enjoy the exquisite carved designs. Prefabricated manufactured fireplaces make it easy to install a fireplace in far less time. Also, clean-line fireboxes make the fireplace easier to clean than the old fireplaces that were lined with bricks.