Innovative DIY Storage Rack Ideas For Your Small Kitchen 29
Innovative DIY Storage Rack Ideas For Your Small Kitchen 29

38 Innovative DIY Storage Rack Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

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Not everyone can afford to create a designer kitchen with brand new storage, so using your DIY skills is something that everyone can try in order to make their kitchen practical for them. If you have spare space in your kitchen but don’t know how to utilize it, here are some simple DIY storage ideas for you.

Plate Organizer
For top cabinets which are placed high up in the kitchen, placing a plate rack beneath is a great way of displaying beautiful plates and also saving space in other kitchen cabinets. It is also a very creative storage idea which is easy to construct yourself with dish rack rails and dowels. One of the greatest things about this style of storage is that you can make a bespoke design to fit your own crockery.

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Spice Rack
A cabinet that is stuffed with miscellaneous herbs and spices can be very difficult to organize. With sturdy plywood you can either create a spice rack to be hung on the wall in a vacant spot or you can create your own “back of door” racks which sit just inside the cabinets and keep your spices and herbs on clear display.

Under Cabinet Shelves
Placing drawers and shelves that are made to measure beneath any existing top cabinets is a great way of filling up any empty space. It’s a great way of utilizing unused space but also displaying ingredients such as jars of pasta, rice, oats, flour, dried fruits etc if you are keen on bakery or cooking. This type of storage can give your kitchen a beautiful country style as well as enhancing the practical side of the kitchen space.