Fabulous Farmhouse Fence Ideas For Front Yard 28
Fabulous Farmhouse Fence Ideas For Front Yard 28

36 Fabulous Farmhouse Fence Ideas For Front Yard

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One of the best rights we have as a species is the general right to privacy. I don’t care if you’re my neighbor, you don’t have free reign to know what books I like to read outside my pool. Fences are a great way to block people from any annoying amateur spy operations. This isn’t the only reason for a good privacy fence though. You will often need it for reasons of general safety and liability.

Let’s actually start with your options though. There is the simple horse fence if you are merely looking for an affordable and decorative option to surround your large property. This is basically just the standard farmhouse fence that a lot of traditionally-themed places use.

It’s just a few planks between other planks to form a few wooden lines that make crossing difficult. This will obviously do nothing for privacy and or safety. You are as exposed as either. There is a huge gap in between the planks and these generally can’t be very high. Safety isn’t present at all. Someone or something can go under or jump over the fence at any time that they feel like it.

Your next option would be something along the lines of an aluminum fence. Now, you could theoretically use some type of long sheet metal fence, but that would look incredibly ugly. The best option is along the lines of a chain link aluminum fence. This also wouldn’t provide much security, but it would provide a higher level of security as you can install a good gate and some nice wire mess to at least keep the pests out of your yard.