Creative Easter Crafts For Kids And Grown Ups Alike 31
Creative Easter Crafts For Kids And Grown Ups Alike 31

35 Creative Easter Crafts For Kids and Grown-Ups Alike

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If you are looking for Easter crafts for kids to make, there are many different types of crafts that you can consider. Easter crafts are fun to make and many of them are also delicious! The crafts can involve bunnies, eggs, chicks and flowers and when the crafting is done, the kids will have something to wear, eat, give away or decorate their home.

Decorating Eggs
One of the most popular Easter crafts for kids to make is decorated eggs. There are loads of different ways to decorate eggs. Hard boiled eggs can be painted, dyed or can be drawn on with wax crayons.

Sponge Painted Eggs
One interesting way to decorate eggs is to sponge paint them. The hard boiled egg is placed in an egg cup. The paint is put into small dishes or paper cups. Next dip small pieces of sponge into the paint and then dab the sponge on the egg. This can be done with several colors. When the paint is dry turn the egg over and repeat with the other half of the egg. A collection of these eggs can then be placed in an Easter basket.

Stained Glass Egg
This is one of the Easter crafts for kids to make that creates a great decoration for the home. These look amazing hanging in a window. Firstly cut a large egg shape from clear contact. Next the kids glue pieces of colored tissue paper over the contact. The glue will need to be quite watery. The children may like to make a pattern with different colors or they can glue the different colors randomly over the egg shape.