Wonderful Valentine Bedroom Decor Which You Definitely Like 32
Wonderful Valentine Bedroom Decor Which You Definitely Like 32

20+ Wonderful Valentine Bedroom Decor Which You Definitely Like

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Chocolates, Champagne, and Camisoles are the usual suggestions for a celebration with your Valentine. Here are six simple changes to your bedroom that will help you celebrate Valentine’s day 365 days a year. I often see clients with beautiful homes, but their own bedrooms are merely functional: a room with a bed, a bureau and a bathroom, period. Making your room more romantic does not mean decorating it with bordello red flocked wallpaper. Simple additions or changes can make your bedroom into a warm retreat for you and your special someone. You can use adjustable lighting, tactile delights, and artwork or mementos with special meaning for both of you. Before you bring in anything new, do a simple decluttering: start under the bed, you will be surprised at what you find there.

Colors – Colors set the mood in a room. No red walls please, they are too energetic and you will not be able to sleep. Red accents like pillows, bed covers and decorative accents are fine. One theory suggests using flesh tones for a relaxing room: beige-y pink to soft salmon to warm mocha. Or simply use a color you love, just make sure the shade of the color has warm undertones.

Light – Overhead or recessed lighting is simply not romantic: it casts very unattractive shadows on your face. Place a table lamp on each bedside table. This provides a balance of energy and illumination. If you are using compact fluorescents, be sure you have “warm white” or “soft white” bulbs to avoid a cold, clinical look.

Tactile – The best place to indulge your sense of touch is in the bedroom. Use fabrics that ask to be stroked, from chenille to cashmere, or satiny high-thread-count cotton sheets.