Modern Hot Tub Ideas To Style Up Your Relaxing Feature 25
Modern Hot Tub Ideas To Style Up Your Relaxing Feature 25

30 Modern Hot Tub Ideas to Style Up Your Relaxing Feature

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I was sitting in my Hot Tub the other day relaxing and wondering how this whole Hydro massage, Hydrotherapy and Hot Tub thing must have started all those years ago.

I know that the original Hot Tubs as we know them were made of wood and were very popular in Japan two to three hundred years ago.

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Then of course there were the Greeks, Phoenicians and last but not least the Romans, all of whom thought it was a cracking idea to have warm bathing coupled with massage. Moving quickly into more modern day times I have absolutely no doubt that back in time just over half a century ago (1954) when the Jacuzzi brothers Invented a portable whirlpool pump (simply as I understand it because one of their relatives had arthritis) that they would not have had an inkling that this would go on to form such a large and developing industry.

Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi style spas are now being made in most western countries to the highest standards and the development of the product continues at a pace. Apart from the original idea of being able to combine warm water and air to create the Spa effect there is no part of a Hot Tub that has not had improvements and amendments made to technology and indeed the construction and manufacturing processes used in making a Hot Tub have gone through considerable changes.