Easy And Cheap Space Saving Furniture Ideas 35
Easy And Cheap Space Saving Furniture Ideas 35

30+ Easy And Cheap Space Saving Furniture Ideas

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If you live in a small apartment, dorm room, or have a small room that is too cluttered, then you may be interested in purchasing some space saving furniture. There has been much advancement in the furniture industry that accommodates today’s lifestyles and living arrangements. You don’t necessarily have to settle for a tiny couch and chair to save room in a small space. Use these tips to help you decide which types of furniture can help you to create space and storage in a small area.

Furniture, like couches, that wrap around corners can take up less space than separate chairs and couches. The “L-shaped” couch is a really popular way to save space without reducing seating. These types of couches can also help you divide efficiency rooms into separate areas. For example, if your living room, dining room, and kitchen are actually one big space, then an L-shaped couch can divide the areas so that they don’t seem to run into each other.

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Furniture that has storage is very useful in saving space. When you live in a small area, you don’t necessarily have the storage space that you need. Couches and chairs now come with arms that open up to provide storage for magazines, remote controls, cup holders, and more. A hide-away bed built into the couch is also a great way to accommodate guests when you don’t have a guest room. Some ottomans open up to reveal storage areas for bulkier items, such as throw pillows and blankets. You can get couches and chairs that have hidden drawers underneath for storing everything from toys, to shoes, to valuables. Many coffee tables now have a top that opens up to double as a laptop desk or eating area.

Use the space underneath your furniture to hide useful items such as folding end tables or extra folding chairs. If your couch or chair has a skirt or slip cover, you may be able to put it on risers and make even more space underneath without anyone ever noticing that you adjusted it.