Creative Fall Wreath Ideas For Front Door Decoration 45
Creative Fall Wreath Ideas For Front Door Decoration 45

30+ Creative Fall Wreath Ideas For Front Door Decoration

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The 2010 autumn season is just around the corner and the fall wreaths for this year feature new trends and styles that make decorating for fall easy and simple. Explore the new look of fall wreaths for the 2010 season.

Dried Wreaths: This autumn, the designs are focusing more on traditionalism. The most popular arrangements feature dried florals in contrasting colors. This makes the design an instant focal point, perfect for front doors as the color contrast draws your eye even from the street or sidewalk. For those that dislike silk florals, dried arrangements are a way to cut the cost compared to fresh arrangements and can last for years with special care.

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Silk Wreaths: Silk florals have come a long way in recent year from their unattractive beginnings. This autumn season, silk florals add bright autumn color to fall wreaths. These designs can be simple arrangements of autumn colored leaves or the more elaborate designs featuring autumn florals. Often these arrangements are so life-like, it is impossible to tell that they are not made up of fresh florals even when only standing a few inches away. Long lasting and much more durable than dried arrangements, silk might be the way to go if you wreath will be exposed continuously to the elements.

Autumn Berry Wreaths: The theme of autumn has always been the harvest and the wreaths this year showcase that featuring autumn berries in many designs. This option is perfect for those that prefer a more subtle and understated arrangement over the designs mentioned above. Created in the spectacular colors of the autumn season, these wreaths feature cluster of rich autumn berries that instantly bring to mind food and the harvest.