Brilliant DIY Christmas Tree Ideas For Living Room 44
Brilliant DIY Christmas Tree Ideas For Living Room 44

30+ Brilliant DIY Christmas Tree Ideas For Living Room

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Millions of people display Christmas trees in their homes each year, and many of those trees feature the same decorations, year after year: round glass ornaments, traditional lights, some tinsel, and a star or angel at the top. After a while, the traditional decorations start to get a little boring! Why not spice up this year’s holiday season with a themed tree decorated in a unique and unusual way? We’ve got some great tips and ideas to help you get started. Here are a few things you will want to consider in your quest for a new look.

While it is not necessary to decorate your tree to match the decor of your home, it is a likely result because your home and tree both will reflect your sense of style and decorating taste. You also want to make sure your tree looks like it belongs in your home; that is, you don’t want a tree that looks “out of place” with its surroundings.

A complimentary color scheme between your room and the tree always creates a pleasant look. This does not mean that you have to match your room completely; however, some attempt to tie the colors together is always helpful. A room with black, brown, and beige upholstery and cream carpet looks wonderful with a tree with white lights and silver, white, and gold ornaments. A room with bright colored furniture and walls looks great with a tree and lights with bright decorations that coordinate with the furniture. When choosing colors, don’t forget to have some fun!

Keep in mind that larger trees need larger decorations. Just as it wouldn’t look right to put 12 inch diameter ornaments on a 5 foot tall tree, it would also look strange to cover a 9 foot tall tree with tiny 1 inch ornaments. Remember that the size of your tree should also be in keeping with the size of the space. If you have a larger foyer or living room with a vaulted ceiling, choose a large tree that will make a grand impression. For smaller areas such as bathrooms or hallways, small tabletop trees can make an elegant statement.