Attractive Christmas Kitchen Cabinets Decorating Ideas 41
Attractive Christmas Kitchen Cabinets Decorating Ideas 41

30+ Attractive Christmas Kitchen Cabinets Decorating Ideas

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Kitchen cabinet lighting combines two types of lighting, one is under cabinet lighting and the other one is inside the cabinet lighting. Lighting of the kitchen cabinets might not be something that you think about when you first start talking about lighting but it is something that needs to be joined with your overall kitchen lighting plan.

Typically when lighting the inside of a kitchen cabinet the normal goal is to highlight a decorative feature that you like. Or maybe you add some cabinet lighting to show some elegant china that you are proud of because it was given to you as a wedding present. Recessed downlights are great for this because they can be very minimal so they do not take away from the object that you are trying to highlight and showoff. Another type of lighting fixture that is often used for cabinet lighting is strip lighting or puck lighting.

Undercabinet lighting is highly useful if you are looking for a very even light because it can be done in long strips to ensure the most coverage possible. If you are going for a very minimal look or just don’t want to see the fixtures you can go with invisible lighting that can be hidden under the cabinet and out of sight if done properly.

If you are looking for flexibility with your kitchen cabinet lighting you can buy modules that can plug into one another like Christmas tree lights to allow you to go around corners and many other things as well. It is much easier to add cabinet lights when you are doing a full kitchen remodel because you can hide the wiring behind the wall after the kitchen is empty. It can also be even more difficult if your cabinet are installed into insulated wall because you will need to get an electrician to hide the wiring properly or you risk a possible fire hazard.