Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas With Victorian Style 53
Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas With Victorian Style 53

20+ Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas With Victorian Style

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It is not likely that any of us would give up our modern style of living with all the convenient commodities that we have. Yet many of us find the Victorian era most inviting and intriguing. There is not much thought paid to the hardships that went with that time.

When it comes to decorating in the Victorian era we are often challenged with how do we harmonize the old with the new. We are certainly not going to be giving up our large screen TV or stereo so where is the compromise?

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To begin with you really can make your precious belongings work with your desire of the old. You need to look at the room that you are concentrating on right from the walls out. Remember with the Victorian style most often it was decorated in heavy velvet wallpapers and elaborate trim.

If you want to stay away from the heaviness of the wallpaper then go with a sand colored wall especially if the room is small. If the room is quite large, however you can really go with the deep rich colors if you want. This should only be considered if you have good lighting in the room hopefully from windows as opposed to artificial lighting. Now if you are in store for new furniture and you are adamant that you want the Victorian style for several years to come, then you are going to want to buy the furniture for this era. There are reproductions of Victorian furniture on the market that is magnificent.