Gorgeous Corner Shelves Ideas For Inspiration 33
Gorgeous Corner Shelves Ideas For Inspiration 33

20+ Gorgeous Corner Shelves Ideas For Inspiration

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In small rooms, such as bathrooms in very old houses, the shelves are usually small as well. Modern homes are built with larger cabinets and so there is not as much of a need for the extra storage. One way to solve the storage problems in older homes is with the strategic use of corner shelves. They are the best way to solve this type of problem when there is absolutely no other choice.

In our not too distant past, kitchens were also built with small cabinetry. They were made to accommodate extra cooking space. During this period in time, it was also common to see kitchen tables rather than nooks and bar counters like we have today. All of these things contribute to the fact that cabinets and shelving was minimized. This is just the type of home where windows could use corner shelves to increase cabinet space.

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If you are against removing beautiful retro cabinetry, this is actually a great incentive to look for even more places to put corner shelves. Considering the fact that the upper cabinets are generally smaller than the lower ones, one idea would be to put spinning corner shelves inside the cabinets below. This is especially good for smaller food items and it will leave more room for dishes up on top where we tend to keep them.

These days we buy a lot more food and supplies that are easy to cook so we need a place for all those extra small boxes. You will often see walk in pantries in homes like these, if the shelves are all on one side of it, then you could also install corner shelves on the opposite side and still have room to move around.