Exciting Ideas To Grow Veggies In Your Garden 38
Exciting Ideas To Grow Veggies In Your Garden 38

20+ Exciting Ideas To Grow Veggies In Your Garden

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Starting an organic veggie and herb garden is quite an undertaking, but can be one of the most rewarding ways to go green that there is. Organic simply means naturally grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Organically grown vegetables and herbs are healthier and tastier than those with chemicals on them, and can save you a lot of money at the grocery store.

Start a compost as soon as you decide that you want an organic veggie and herb garden. A good compost will fertilize your garden with nutrients and can be a natural pesticide. Compost will also help your garden to retain moisture so you may not need to water as often. Much of your food waste can be composted as well as some animal waste, but be sure not to add human or pet (cat or dog) manure to your compost as these typically have some nasty bacteria that you won’t want in your veggies and herbs. Find how-to articles online or buy a book at your local garden shop for the best composting tips and tricks.

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Buy organic seeds and starters for your organic veggie and herb garden. Don’t assume that they are all organic, most seeds and starter plants are not. If you can’t find them in your local store, order them online. You can save time by purchasing online anyway, so why not save time and be sure that you are starting your garden off right with organic seeds and starters.

Start seeds indoors rather than planting them directly into your garden. Seeds should be started in small containers that contain organic soil. Make sure they have plenty of light and water, but not too much water as you can drown them easily. Once you have two leaves on your little plants, it is time to repot them into biodegradable containers for planting in your garden. You can also choose an indoor window garden for your herbs. These make a great kitchen window decoration and add a fresh scent to the air.