Brilliant Ideas For DIY Bathroom Storage Design 41
Brilliant Ideas For DIY Bathroom Storage Design 41

20+ Brilliant Ideas For DIY Bathroom Storage Design

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When it comes to home renovations, a popular area that is often targeted is the bathroom. With the range of affordable home DIY options available, this area of the house can be revamped with just a little effort and know how.

An effective way to reduce renovation costs when it comes to remodelling the bathroom is to revamp your shower enclosure. Even after thoroughly cleaning your tiles, especially in older homes, you may find that the grout is still stained with mould or mildew. No amount of scrubbing can remove it, and re-tiling can be expensive. Rather than replacing the tiles, a great home DIY job is to remove the grout and replace it with a fresh lot.

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Take the advice of the home DIY expert at your local hardware about the best products and methods to use.

When dealing with a space the size of an average bathroom, painting it is not a major project. So much of the wall area is taken up with mirrors, showers, and tiles that often there is just a small area left to be painted.