Astonishing Maditerranean House Ideas For You To Try 46
Astonishing Maditerranean House Ideas For You To Try 46

20+ Astonishing Maditerranean House Ideas For You To Try

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Mediterranean house plans should go together with a good layout for your garden. Firstly, make sure to add lush vegetation, like palm trees, jasmine bushes, and other rich foliage, to ensure that when you redo the walls of your home, there is a nice contrast between the rich green and the white stucco or beige limestone exterior of your home.

The next thing to do is add some fountains and sculptures throughout your garden. Create a footpath with limestone, using a herringbone pattern. Add a vegetable patch with herbs, spices and vegetables that you would want to use in your favorite Italian or Spanish recipe.

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Although not feasible on all properties, building a wall around your garden will create a more authentic feel for your remodeled home with Mediterranean house plans. Alternatively, creating a private seating area within your garden can also create the right atmosphere.

One of the most common and well known aspects of Mediterranean house plans is the use of light colored materials for the exterior walls. White stucco or beige limestone are very popular throughout Spain, Italy and Greece and will definitely give your home the look you want.